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Edukasyon investor Foxmont joins Philippine proptech startup AHG’s US$1.1M seed round

AHG focuses on rolling out asset-light accommodation brands, organising and structuring integrated services for renting and buying

Alternative Housing Group (AHG), a real-estate tech startup and proptech incubator in the Philippines, has secured P55 million (US$1.1 million) in seed funding.

The round was led by Foxmont Capital Partners, a local VC fund and investor in homegrown startups such as Kumu,, and Booky.

Real estate mogul David Leechiu, entrepreneur Melissa Limcaoco, and Magsaysay family also joined.

The startup plans to fuel its upcoming projects that they have prepared and lined up in the coming years — ready to reach greater heights and build the future of the Philippine real estate industry.

AHG was started by Revianne Sesante, Ryan Llamoso, and Patrick Llamoso. It focuses on rolling out asset-light accommodation brands, organising and structuring integrated services for renting and buying, and developing proptech applications. It also builds real estate vertical platforms and develops new applications for property auctions, fractional property ownership and other solutions for the real estate market.

The company’s specialised affordable rental and student housing platforms include,, and Already in beta, further platforms for staff housing, warehouses, billboard, land, agricultural properties, parking, holiday homes and many more will soon be launched.

Aside from the platforms, the company has also launched new accommodation brands such as Havitat, Cozy Folk, 825 Spaces, and Link Living, which have been launched in the Sinigang Valley: the up and coming silicon valley of the Philippines.

“The developments around the world, which have been accelerated by the pandemic, means that the definition of home, live, office and work has rapidly changed. The same applies to the way people search, view, own, rent, lease or transact real estate. Unfortunately, the Philippe property market has been stagnant for decades. However, it is now is ripe for disruption,” Llamoso said.

“Rather than being a challenge, the pandemic became an opportunity for more Filipinos, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and entrepreneurs, to utilise and engage more with technology when it comes to searching, buying, leasing, and managing properties,” Sesante added.

In May, Foxmont Capital Partners co-led a US$1.2 million funding round of zennya, a mobile healthcare and medical last-mile logistics startup in the Philippines.



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