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zennya nets US$1.2M to scale its mobile healthcare, medical last-mile logistics services in Philippi

zennya is a full-stack technology platform integrating, online healthcare training, medical records, last-mile cold-chain logistics, and mobile diagnostics

zennya, a mobile healthcare and medical last-mile logistics startup in the Philippines, said today it has recently secured US$1.2 million in a funding round led by local VC firms Foxmont Capital Partners, Ignite House of Innovation, and DayOne Capital Ventures.

The round also saw participation from several prominent families and angels from the Philippines and Thailand, as per an official statement.

The proceeds from this round will be used to expand zennya’s service to all major cities in the Philippines. The company is currently operating in Metro Manila and launching in Cebu by June.

“We look forward to expanding this year to provide nationwide coverage while preparing for regional expansion, doubling down on our end-to-end home health service delivery technology platform,” said David Foote, founder and CEO of zennya.

A portion of the funds will also go into talent acquisition, technology, and business development as zennya continues to expand its strategic partnerships and integration with leading hospitals, diagnostic centers, and insurance providers.

Launched in 2016 as an on-demand managed ecosystem and marketplace for home wellness and medical services, zennya has evolved to become a “one-touch healthcare super grid” that delivers hospital-quality care at home.

In other words, Zennya has created a virtual hospital ecosystem through integration of diagnostic laboratories, health maintenance organisations, and pharmaceuticals, wth a delivery network of doctors, nurses, therapists, motorcycle drivers, cars, and ambulances.

This network enables patients to receive healthcare services in their homes and offices previously only available in hospital and clinical settings.

It is basically a full-stack technology platform integrating, online healthcare training, medical records, last-mile cold-chain logistics, mobile diagnostics, tele-health, and just-in-time delivery of healthcare products and tools.

Through its proprietary in-house technology platform the company manages every aspect of the medical supply chain and service delivery with direct digital integration with its medical partners to reduce errors, counterfeit medication, and targets to deliver patient outcomes that exceed traditional brick and mortar operations.

At present, the platform also offers consumer services, including COVID-19 tests, blood tests, vaccinations, pharmaceutical deliveries, telehealth consultations, corporate health services allowing for on-demand pop up clinics, and B2B services enabling hospitals and clinic partners to deliver continuity of care.

zennya claims to have doubled its m-o-m revenue in Q1 2021, with more than 100 per cent y-o-y growth from 2020. It also said to have completed more than 500,000 services to date.

For the period of Q4 of 2020 to Q1 of 2021, zennya boasted of posting an 84 per cent growth in mobile number activations, 110 per cent growth in the number of patients served, and a 121 per cent growth in the number of repeat customers.

“As the Philippines’ needs rapidly evolve in this new normal, we believe zennya’s commitment to quality and technical excellence will set the standard for delivering healthcare and wellness to people’s homes for many years to come,” adds Franco Varona, Managing Partner of Foxmont, an early-stage VC and backer of Kumu, Kravers Canteen, and

According to Ignite House of Innovation CEO Andre Yap, “zennya allows us to connect all the disparate parts of the healthcare value chain into a one-touch healthcare supergrid and create 10x-type wins for patients, doctors and care providers, hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, pharmacos, insurers and corporations and employees across the board.”



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