We are entrepreneurs. 

We invest in entrepreneurs. 

We grow entrepreneurs. 

Independent Venture Capital that comes with a wide network and operational expertise in the Philippines


Roland Ros
CEO and Co-Founder

"they really get the entrepreneur"

I appreciate Foxmont as an investor because they really get the entrepreneur. The team brings a wealth of operational expertise to executing a business in the Philippines that brings a lot of value add to any startup trying to survive here. In addition to that, they have a deep network of potential investors and partners who can help add additional support beyond the obvious financial benefits of an investor like Foxmont.

Alexander Friedhoff.jpg

Alexander Friedhoff
CEO and Co-Founder

"available to the portfolio company almost 24/7"

A good VC is available to the portfolio company almost 24/7. 
A good VC is sometimes a recruiter, sometimes a beta tester, sometimes a personal mentor, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty - to help.
A good VC knows the seed and Series A challenges of its portfolio company and is constantly proactively seeking solutions - to provide solutions.
A Good VC? Go to Foxmont.


Ron Baetiong
CEO and Co-Founder

"It's not common to see VCs roll up their sleeves and get down to business like Foxmont"

Foxmont has been a joy to work with! It's not common to see VCs roll up their sleeves and get down to business like how Foxmont has been helping us in Podcast Network Asia reach our goals and targets!


Henry Motte-Munoz

"Foxmont brings to the table experienced operators who understand the Philippine market"

Foxmont brings to the table experienced operators, who understand the Philippines market, and are able to share a mix of deep expertise, a wide network that cuts across industries, and their tireless advocacy to elevate their portfolio companies. A pleasure to work with.


King Alandy Dy
CEO and Co-Founder

"added value from week 1"

Foxmont has added value from week 1 not only to me as a founder but also to my leadership team. Looking forward to building the first supply chain unicorn by Filipino founders with Foxmont by our side!

Victor Lim - L.jpg

Victor Lim
CEO and Co-Founder

"ready to contribute & support ventures
with more than just capital"

From our very first meeting to the time of closing the deal, our relationship with Foxmont has never felt like a investor-investee dynamic--the FCP team comes to the table ready to contribute & support ventures with more than just capital, focusing more on how they can add value to founders (instead of the other way around). It is also clear that our sisters in FCP's portfolio companies share this collaborative mentality, as we have seen a tremendous network effect of companies coming together, in an effort to improve the greater Philippines startup ecosystem.

We focus on founders and partner with them to build something meaningful.

Our team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and finance professionals with experience in building, managing, and growing businesses in the Philippines.

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Franco Varona

Managing Partner

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Mark Kooijman

General Partner

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Jesse Maxwell

General Partner

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Jaime Gonzalez

Director - Investment

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Francisco Sibal

Director - Venture

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Santino Ongsiako

Director - Operations

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The team is supported by a large network of Philippine entrepreneurs who invested in the fund, with particular expertise in finance, accounting, marketing, public relations, media, manufacturing, supply chain logistics and information technology, among other practices.


We invest in Filipino-focused or Filipino-founded early stage technology startups that have proven that they can scale effectively and lead the Philippine digital evolution.  We believe that if a Filipino startup can succeed in the Philippines, it can succeed anywhere.

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